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She's a dancer in the Burley cue

Joseph Donnelly:
[about Grace]
Grace isn't a tramp. She's a dancer in the Burley-cue.
Shannon Christie:
That's not dancing. That's kicking her knickers up. I suspect if you asked her to, she'd kick her knickers off.
Joseph Donnelly:
Oh, maybe she would.
Shannon Christie:
Has she?
Joseph Donnelly:
Let me see... I'm trying to remember.
Shannon Christie:
Well, think hard! If there's any brains left in your head!

That was Grace.
So she said.
She dances in the burly-cue.
Yes, well, never mind her now.
Just lay there.
No, no.
Joseph, lie still. Lie still.
Look in my boot down there.
-Four dollars.
-I won it.
That's more than plucking chickens
in a month.
I'll have my horse and buggy money
before the winter comes...
and it won't be
from plucking chickens.
There are other ways
to get to Oklahoma, Joseph.
You should have heard them,
cheering me on.
It was grand.
So grand.

Clip duration: 55 seconds
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Movie: Far and Away
Year: 1992
Genres: adventure, drama, romance, western
Summary: A young Irish couple flee to the States, but subsequently struggle to obtain land and prosper freely.

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Joseph Donnelly - Tom Cruise
Shannon Christie - Nicole Kidman