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Tevye: As Abraham said,

As Abraham said, "I am a stranger in a strange land... "...

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As Abraham said, "I am a stranger in a strange land... "
Moses said that.
Ah. Well, as King David said, "I am slow of speech, and slow of tongue."
That was also Moses.
For a man who was slow of tongue, he talked a lot.

As Abraham said,
"I'm a stranger in a strange land. "
Moses said that.
Forgive me. Forgive me.
As King David said,
"I'm slow of speech and slow of tongue. "
That was also Moses.
For a man with a slow tongue,
he talked a lot.
Here, Reb Perchik.
Have a piece.
I have no money, and I'm not a beggar.
Take it. It's a blessing for me to give.
Very well.
For your sake.
Thank you. Thank you.
You know, it's no crime to be poor.

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Uploaded: 21 October, 2021
Genres: drama, family, musical
Summary: In pre-revolutionary Russia, a Jewish peasant with traditional values contends with marrying off three of his daughters with modern romantic ideals while growing anti-Semitic sentiment threa... Read all


Tevye - Topol
Mendel - Barry Dennen