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Isn't that wonderful

That was real good, wasn't it? I finally did it!
Great. You throw the big Z's for 19 frames, and then you throw a strike on the last ball of a losing game. Wonderful. Just wonderful.
[Turns around to bowlers at next lane]

Isn't that wonderful, ladies?
Are you talking to us?

Not too much of a match, is it, Elton?
You better leap out
with your right foot.
- In the gutter. Isn't that wonderful?
- The ball's too heavy for me, honey.
The pins, you know. I can't see them.
I can't make 'em out.
Just squint. I squint.
Well, there they are right down there.
They're at the end of all these little boards.
You notice 'em leadin' down.
Just spot and follow through.
- But there are so many of 'em.
- What's that for?
- That's for luck.
- Oh, you're crazy.
- Go on out there and show Ray how to do it.
- You slobbered on me.
It ain't the first time.
Watch this.
There she is. She's doing
a little variation on the Apache shift.

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Movie: Five Easy Pieces
Year: 1970
Genres: drama
Summary: A dropout from upper-class America picks up work along the way on oil rigs when his life isn't spent in a squalid succession of bars, motels, and other points of interest.

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