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Look, I've had to make a few other changes. I'm promoting you, to platoon sergeant. Thank...

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Captain Severance:
Look, I've had to make a few other changes. I'm promoting you, to platoon sergeant.
Mike Strank:
Thank you, sir. I appreciate it.
Captain Severance:
You bet.
Mike Strank:
The trouble is, I already told my men I'd see them through this.
Captain Severance:
That your James Cagney impersonation? 'Cause I've heard better.
Mike Strank:
Well, I'll keep practicing, then.
Captain Severance:
Look, this isn't your first time through this. You don't need to prove anything.
Mike Strank:
No, sir.
Captain Severance:
You're not the *best* sergeant I've ever had, just the best one that's still walking. Block's a good man.
Mike Strank:
Yes, sir, he is.
Captain Severance:
The men know him, he can step right in. You know, I have actually thought this through. Platoon sergeant puts you further away from the bullets.
Mike Strank:
I already gave them my word, sir. I told them I'd bring them all home to their mothers, which means I already lied to half of them. Can't lie to the rest.

We just hung around trying to pretend it wasn't. Took a lot of other pictures that day. None of them made a difference. Thanks. Appreciate it. Sounds ridiculous, but it happened. Country was bankrupt. People were becoming cynical and tired of war. -Oh, my Lord, that's Harlon ! -Where? Right there. Planting that flag, that's your brother. Ma, all you can see is his behind. And that's his. I powdered and diapered it, I know my son. That's him. Go get your father. Daddy, Ma's got a picture of Harlon's keister in the paper. You watch your mouth, young man. Thank you. One photo, almost all on its own, turned that around. It's on the front page of every major paper. Over 200 dailies and they're all flooded with requests for prints. I think we might have found it.

Clip duration: 142 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 00:00:00
Uploaded: 12 December, 2020
Genres: action, adventure, drama
Summary: The life stories of the six men who raised the flag at the Battle of Iwo Jima, a turning point in World War II.


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Captain Severance - Neal McDonough
Mike Strank - Barry Pepper