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What the fuck is his name

What the fuck is his name? Ghost Dog. What? Ghost Dog. Ghost Dog? He said Ghost Dog! Yeah....

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Sonny Valerio:
What the fuck is his name?
Ghost Dog.
Sonny Valerio:
Ghost Dog.
Sonny Valerio:
Ghost Dog?
Old Consigliere:
He said Ghost Dog!
Yeah. He calls himself Ghost Dog. I don't know, a lot of these Black guys today, these gangster-type guys, they make up names like that.
Ray Vargo:
Is that true?
Sonny Valerio:
Sure. He means like the rappers, you know, All the rappers, they got names like that: Snoop Doggy Dogg, Ice Cube, Q-Tip, Method Man. My favorite was always Flavor Flav from Public Enemy. You got the funky fresh fly flavor.
[rhymes hip-hop verse]

Ray Vargo:
I don't know about that, but it makes me think of Indians. They got name like, uhh, Red Cloud, Crazy Horse, Running Bear, Black Elk.
[makes elk noise]

Sonny Valerio:
Yeah. That kind of shit.
Old Consigliere:
Yeah. Indians, Niggers, Same thing.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.782
He got the funky fresh fly flava
00:00:02.907 --> 00:00:05.828
Live lyrics from the bank of reality
00:00:05.953 --> 00:00:09.237
I kick da flyest dope manoeuvre technicality to a dope track
00:00:09.342 --> 00:00:11.783
I love that guy I know nothing about that
00:00:11.887 --> 00:00:14.535
but it makes me think about Indians
00:00:14.064 --> 00:00:19.374
They've got names like Red Cloud Crazy Horse
00:00:19.478 --> 00:00:23.471
Running Bear Black Elk
00:00:29.073 --> 00:00:34.902
That kind of shit Indians niggers same thing

Clip duration: 37 seconds
Views: 825
Timestamp in movie: 00h 32m 24s
Uploaded: 01 December, 2022
Genres: crime, drama
Summary: An African-American Mafia hit man who models himself after the samurai of old finds himself targeted for death by the mob. Jarmusch's spiritual gangster film tells the story of an inner-city hit man (Whitaker) who lives on a rooftop, training himself as a samurai in the strictest sense. He communicates primarily by carrier pigeon, while remaining loyal to a gangster (Tormey) who once saved his life.


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Sonny Valerio - Cliff Gorman
Louie - John Tormey
Old Consigliere - Gene Ruffini
Ray Vargo - Henry Silva