And these two little guys
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And these two little guys? Oh! That's me and the moron. Is that Max? Of course it's Max....

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Ariel Truax:
[John is showing Ariel some family pictures]
And these two little guys?
John Gustafson:
Oh! That's me and the moron.
Ariel Truax:
Is that Max?
John Gustafson:
Of course it's Max. He's ugly isn't he?
Ariel Truax:
Aw, you mean you were friends?
John Gustafson:
I was 10, and didn't know any better.
Ariel Truax:
What makes two men spend most of their lives fighting?
John Gustafson:
Oh? Guess.
Ariel Truax:
A woman!
[John nods]

Ariel Truax:
How romantic.
John Gustafson:
No, it wasn't romantic at all.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.334
And these little guys
00:00:02.502 --> 00:00:05.379
Oh ha That's me and the moron Max
00:00:05.546 --> 00:00:07.798
Of course it's Max He's ugly isn't he Ha ha
00:00:07.966 --> 00:00:10.991
ARIEL Oh you mean you were friends
00:00:10.176 --> 00:00:12.386
Well I was 10 I didn't know any better
00:00:13.805 --> 00:00:17.224
What can make two grown men spend most of their lives fighting each other
00:00:17.392 --> 00:00:19.434
Oh guess A woman
00:00:19.602 --> 00:00:21.979
Uh yeah How romantic
00:00:22.146 --> 00:00:25.899
Oh no it wasn't romantic at all It was Ah well

Clip duration: 34 seconds
Views: 207
Timestamp in movie: 01h 01m 40s
Uploaded: 21 November, 2022
Genres: comedy, drama, romance
Summary: A lifelong feud between two neighbors since childhood only gets worse when a new female neighbor moves across the street.


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Ariel Truax - Ann-Margret
John Gustafson - Jack Lemmon