Did you ever think of settling down in one place, Johnny? Yeah, I did settle down once....

See you later
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Reb Kittredge:
Did you ever think of settling down in one place, Johnny?
Johnny Lake:
Yeah, I did settle down once.
Reb Kittredge:
What happened?
Johnny Lake:
They forgot to lock the cell one night.


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See you later
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One day he still breaks his face
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Curly Yes Curly and I want to be there to see
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They don't seem so bad considering winter

Clip duration: 34 seconds
Views: 17
Timestamp in movie: 00h 36m 13s
Uploaded: 09 November, 2022
Genres: western
Summary: A young gunslinger tries to help a rancher and his daughter save their land and cattle from an evil, wealthy land owner.


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Reb Kittredge - Audie Murphy
Johnny Lake - Charles Drake