Are you here all by yourself
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Are you here all by yourself? Ma'am, I'm eight years old. You think I would be here alone?...

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Check-Out Woman:
Are you here all by yourself?
Kevin McCallister:
Ma'am, I'm eight years old. You think I would be here alone? I don't think so.
Check-Out Woman:
Where's your mom?
Kevin McCallister:
My mom's in the car.
Check-Out Woman:
Where's your father?
Kevin McCallister:
He's at work.
Check-Out Woman:
What about your brothers and your sisters?
Kevin McCallister:
I'm an only child.
Check-Out Woman:
Where do you live?
Kevin McCallister:
Uh, I can't tell you that.
Check-Out Woman:
Why not?
Kevin McCallister:
Because you're a stranger.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.399
Are you here all by yourself
00:00:03.803 --> 00:00:05.464
Ma'am I'm 8 years old
00:00:05.671 --> 00:00:09.937
You think I'd be here alone I don't think so
00:00:10.843 --> 00:00:11.741
Where's your mom
00:00:11.944 --> 00:00:13.536
In the car Where's your dad
00:00:13.746 --> 00:00:16.647
He's at work What about brothers and sisters
00:00:16.849 --> 00:00:18.214
I'm an only child
00:00:18.718 --> 00:00:20.811
Where do you live I can't tell you
00:00:21.002 --> 00:00:23.921
Why not Cause you're a stranger

Clip duration: 25 seconds
Views: 29
Timestamp in movie: 00:53:18
Uploaded: 04 April, 2022
Genres: comedy, family
Summary: An eight-year-old troublemaker must protect his house from a pair of burglars when he is accidentally left home alone by his family during Christmas vacation.


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