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Come to think of it

[Admiral Benson comes into the briefing room in riding pants]

Admiral Benson:
Be seated! Ah... Many of you are wondering what's wrong with my pants, well they started running short on materials right before they got to the knees so don't give me any shit. Ah. I look out there on all you wonderful guys and I say to myself "What I wouldn't give to be 20 years younger... and a woman". You know, I've personally flown over 194 missions and I was shot down on every one. Come to think of it, I've never landed a plane in my life.

Now, I look out there
at all of you guys and I say to myself:
What I wouldn't give to be 20 years younger,
and a woman.
You know, I've flown over 194 missions,
and I was shot down on every one.
Come to think of it, I've never
landed a plane in my life. Now,
you men'll be piloting the backbone
of our proud American arsenal:
The Oscar EW 5894 Phallus
tactical fighter bomber.
Its lightweight sweptwing design
makes it extremely manoeuvrable and agile.
Beneath its 21st-century skin is a highly
advanced avionics and weapons package.
Designed for speed and combat acrobatics,
it features the latest Mrs Halver
series 3800 radar-jamming Framus.
- Admiral.
- Nurse.
Sleepy Weasel's success depends
on our manoeuvring below enemy radar.
I wanna see a major display of low-level
flying. Topper, Kent, you're up first.
- Show me what you can do.
- Copy that, Purple Fluffer Nutter.
Roger that, Milli Vanilli Chilly Willy.
Bring 'em down, boys. I want your bellies to
scrape the sagebrush. Let's see who's best.
I'm heading for the canyon floor.
- For your information, I'm at 150 feet.
- I'm at 3rd and Main.

Clip duration: 86 seconds
Views: 10
Movie: Hot Shots!
Year: 1991
Genres: action, comedy
Summary: A parody of Top Gun (1986) in which a talented but unstable fighter pilot must overcome the ghosts of his father and save a mission sabotaged by greedy weapons manufacturers.

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Admiral Benson - Lloyd Bridges