Need a little help? Nice work, Robin. Alright, time to go O.M.A.C hunting.

LEGO DC Batman: Family Matters2019
Need a little help
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[to Batgirl, whose jet is falling]
Need a little help?
[attaches the landing gear of his helicopter to the wing of her jet, pulling it back up]

[gets back in the jet]
Nice work, Robin. Alright, time to go O.M.A.C hunting.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.168
Need a little help
00:00:10.385 --> 00:00:12.178
grunts Nice work Robin
00:00:12.262 --> 00:00:14.848
All right time to go OMAC hunting

Clip duration: 16 seconds
Views: 15
Timestamp in movie: 00h 54m 46s
Uploaded: 02 December, 2022
Genres: animation, action, comedy
Summary: In LEGO DC: Batman - Family Matters, suspicion is on high after Batman, Batgirl, Robin and other DC superheroes receive mysterious invitations. However, family values must remain strong when Batman and his team encounter the villaino


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