Rafe Khatchadorian
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Excuse me, young man. What is your name? Rafe Khatchadorian. What did you just say to me?...

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Principal Dwight:
Excuse me, young man. What is your name?
Rafe Khatchadorian.
Principal Dwight:
What did you just say to me?
It's my last name. I'm new.
Principal Dwight:
Well, being new does not entitle you to swagger in here with no clothes on.
I'm... I'm wearing clothes.
Principal Dwight:
No, those aren't clothes, those are rule violations. Every single thing you have on flies in the face of rule number twenty-two.
What's rule number twenty-two?
Principal Dwight:
Are you telling me that you haven't read our code of conduct?
Alright, if I don't tell you, I won't get in trouble, right?
Principal Dwight:
[sighs heavily]
Unbelievable. The code of conduct, young man. Read it, learn it, live it. Rule number twenty-two is "Always obey the dress code." That means no printed shirts, no wild colors. And look what's happening to the collar of your shirt here. Your headphones are dragging it open. Nobody needs to see where your chest hairs are going to be.
Yeah, okay, yeah, got it.
Principal Dwight:
"Got it"? How about "Got it, sir"? Rule number one here at Hills Village is to respect your principal. And since I'm the principal, that means you need to respect me by calling me "sir," or if you prefer, "Principal Dwight." Or maybe even "Sir Dwight," if you like.
[both chuckle]

Principal Dwight:
Good. You have recognized my keen sense of humor. Not everybody does. Good man. Okay, good. Alright. On your way into school, which is that way.

With this little stunt, you've just violated rule number 28. No false fire alarms! Rafe Katchadorian, you are officially expelled! Permanently! Gus! Please turn off these sprinklers! # Let's get it on like Marvin Gaye # # Like Hathaway # # Write a song for you like this # # I'm out of my mind # # Thinking I was born in the wrong time # # One of a kind # # Living in a world gone plastic # # Baby, you're so classic # # Baby, baby, you're so classic # # Baby, you're so classic # # Yeah, yeah # # Baby, you # # Baby, you're so classic # # You're over my head, I'm out of my mind # # Thinking I was born in the wrong time # # Let's start the rewind # # Everything is so throwback age # # I kinda like it, like it # # Out of my league, old school chic # # Like a movie star from the silver screen # # You're one of a kind # # Living in a world gone plastic # # Baby, you're so classic... # Not joking about my towel now, are you, sport, huh? If I was a betting man, and believe me, I am, I would've lost money on you. You hung in there way longer than I thought you would've. But, in the end, you're still the loser I thought you were. Will you just listen to me? Please, Mom. Principal Dwight's been out to get me since... since the first day of school. Or maybe you decided he was gonna to give you a hard time and you were gonna make it easy for him to do. No, that's not what happened, okay? This principal is evil. And he suspended the whole class even after I told him that I'm the one that bent the rules. Bent? Rafe, I think you did a little more than bend the rules. You're the one that told me to think outside the box. But there's a big difference between thinking outside the box and totally demolishing it. If you were having problems with the principal, why didn't you talk to me first? Because who'd believe the word of some kid over the head of the whole school? Honey, I would. I'm your mom. I could've tried talking to him at least. Now it's too late! This was the last school that would accept you. What are we supposed to do now? Find another school in another state, in another country? I'm out of options! And so, Carl found a school. It's a boarding school. With some military aspects. You're sending me away to some military school? Honey, I don't want to. But it's a place for kids like you who have trouble with authority. I thought I'd take the day off tomorrow. Maybe we could just go take a look. Whatever. Oh, honey. We all miss him. - Mom, you don't have to... - I miss him. Georgia does. Nothing's been the same since the day he got sick. At times, I didn't know if I could handle it. And... your dad, well... He obviously couldn't handle it. But it's worst for you.

Clip duration: 211 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 00h 00m 00s
Uploaded: 19 January, 2021
Genres: animation, comedy, family
Summary: After his principal (Andy Daly) destroys his sketchbook, Rafe (Griffin Gluck) and his best friend Leo (Thomas Barbusca) decide to "destroy his book" and break every rule in the school's Code of Conduct.


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Principal Dwight - Andrew Daly