Bower: What are you doing? Leland: Nothing personal, guys. It's just
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What are you doing? Nothing personal, guys. It's just...

Pandorum 2009
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What are you doing?
Nothing personal, guys. It's just "survival of the fittest"... Or maybe it's the brightest

if you know what I'm saying.
You gassed us!
Oh yes! And I'm sorry, but I'm a little too old and too tired for the honorable way of hunting game.
You better make sure I'm dead... oder ich reiss Dir Dein scheiss Herz raus du Wichser!
[stabs her]

[is yelling in Vietnamese]

You don't have to do this. We're on our way to save the ship.
Don't sweat it. I wouldn't have survived this long if I had a heart.

What are you doing?
Get the scent off.
- Scent?
They're fast and they're fucking
stronger than you know.
They come after you, you run.
You run and you don't fucking look back.
I can't wait for you.
Who- who are they?
I can't help you.
- Help me.
Payton: Bower, you tell that asshole
the chain of command...
...and a direct order is being made.
- You're still an officer on this ship,
and at the current time
your CO is ordering you...
Ordering me? That's funny.
- ... now is ordering you-
You're late.
There's no fucking CO on this ship.
Fuck you.
That's not gonna save you.
Payton: Get the hell out of there.
Get out of there.

Clip duration: 87 seconds
Views: 72
Timestamp in movie: 00:00:00
Uploaded: 12 December, 2020
Genres: action, horror, mystery, sci-fi, thriller
Summary: Two crew members of a spaceship wake up from hypersleep to discover that all their colleagues are missing. Despite this, it appears that they are not alone.


Bower - Ben Foster
Leland - Eddie Rouse
Nadia - Antje Traue
Manh - Cung Le