Say 5 five percent killed by our own barrage
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How many casualties do you expect, sir? Say 5 five percent killed by our own barrage. Ten...

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Colonel Dax:
How many casualties do you expect, sir?
General Mireau:
Say 5 five percent killed by our own barrage. Ten percent more getting through No Man's Land and 20 percent more getting through the wire. Say another 25 percent in actually taking the Anthill and we're still left with a force more than adequate to hold it...


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What sort of casualties do you anticipate, sir?
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Hmm, say, five percent killed by our own barrage.
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That's a very generous allowance.
00:00:10.838 --> 00:00:13.173
Ten percent more in getting through no-man's-land...
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and 20% more getting through the wire.
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That leaves 65% with the worst part of the job over.
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Let's say another 25% in actually taking the Anthill.
00:00:23.559 --> 00:00:26.645
We're still left with a force more than adequate to hold it.
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General, you're saying that more than half of my men will be killed.
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Yes, it's a terrible price to pay, Colonel...
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but we will have the Anthill.
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- But will we, sir? - I'm depending on you, Colonel.
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All France is depending on you.
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Am I amusing you, Colonel?
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I'm not a bull, General. I don't need a flag waved in front of me to get me to charge.
00:00:51.462 --> 00:00:54.547
I don't think I like your comparison of the flag of France to a bullfighter's cape.
00:00:54.632 --> 00:00:56.633
I meant nothing disrespectful to the flag of France, sir.
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Patriotism may be old-fashioned, but show me a patriot, and I'll show you an honest man.
00:00:59.929 --> 00:01:01.596
Not everyone has always thought so.
00:01:01.681 --> 00:01:04.014
Samuel Johnson had something else to say about patriotism.
00:01:04.999 --> 00:01:07.143
And what was that, may I ask?

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Uploaded: 16 October, 2021
Genres: drama, war
Summary: After refusing to attack an enemy position, a general accuses the soldiers of cowardice and their commanding officer must defend them.


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