I scheme for months and it all gets screwed up because you can't control the students
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I scheme and plan for MONTHS and it gets screwed up because YOU can't control the...

PCU 1994
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I scheme and plan for MONTHS and it gets screwed up because YOU can't control the students! NEVER send a woman to do a man's job!
President Garcia-Thompson:
You cocky, pointy-nosed little Reaganite! If you hadn't provoked them, we wouldn't BE in this mess!
Whoa! Reality check here! Earth to TALL BITCH! What is your fault? THIS IS!
[turns on Droz]

Hey, poor boy! Go and have all your parties with all your new friends! I can see it now, Andrews. You and all the knee-jerk, bleeding-heart liberals, sipping tea and playing patty-cake. And those useless hippie pot-heads, those commie-pinko leftists. The bunny huggers, the pillow biters...
Whoa! Whoa! Which ones are the pillow biters again?
The BUTT-PIRATES! And those beastly man-haters, tell those chicks to shave their pits then call me! And those goddamn whiny crybaby minorities, you can keep them all!
[Rand realizes that Droz had a microphone close by and that the sign lady has been signing everything he said]

[to the students]
Rand McPherson, everybody. And don't forget the 9:30 show is completely different than the 7:30 show. Enjoy the veal!
[the students then go after Rand]


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.268
I scheme and plan for months
00:00:02.368 --> 00:00:03.602
and it all gets screwed up
00:00:03.737 --> 00:00:05.304
because you can't control the students
00:00:05.404 --> 00:00:07.034
Never send a woman to do a man's job
00:00:07.044 --> 00:00:10.003
You cocky pointy nosed little Reaganite
00:00:10.109 --> 00:00:11.577
If you hadn't provoked them
00:00:11.745 --> 00:00:13.146
we wouldn't be in this mess
00:00:13.246 --> 00:00:15.749
Excuse me Reality check here
00:00:15.815 --> 00:00:16.095
Earth to tall bitch
00:00:17.001 --> 00:00:19.218
What is your fault This is
00:00:19.318 --> 00:00:22.321
Hey poor boy go and have your parties
00:00:22.421 --> 00:00:23.089
with all your new friends
00:00:23.099 --> 00:00:25.324
I can see it now Andrews
00:00:25.424 --> 00:00:27.426
you and all the knee jerk bleeding heart liberals
00:00:27.526 --> 00:00:29.628
sipping tea and playing patty cake
00:00:29.763 --> 00:00:31.397
and those useless hippie potheads
00:00:31.497 --> 00:00:32.866
those commie pinko leftists
00:00:32.966 --> 00:00:35.769
the bunny huggers the pillow biters
00:00:35.835 --> 00:00:37.017
Which ones are the pillow biters
00:00:37.027 --> 00:00:38.304
The butt pirates
00:00:38.404 --> 00:00:40.373
And those beastly man haters
00:00:40.473 --> 00:00:41.574
Tell those chicks to shave their pits
00:00:41.808 --> 00:00:42.776
and call me
00:00:42.809 --> 00:00:45.178
The Goddamn whiny cry baby minorities
00:00:45.278 --> 00:00:48.414
you can keep 'em all
00:00:48.514 --> 00:00:49.849
Rand McPherson everybody
00:00:49.949 --> 00:00:51.117
Just remember the 9 30 show
00:00:51.217 --> 00:00:53.999
is completely different from the 7 30 show
00:00:53.186 --> 00:00:55.388
Enjoy the veal

Clip duration: 56 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 01h 13m 28s
Uploaded: 18 November, 2022
Genres: comedy
Summary: A high school senior visits college for the weekend, and stays at the wildest house on campus.


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President Garcia-Thompson - Jessica Walter