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Ooh ooh ooh
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Oh my God... what a fabulous room. Are all these your guitars? God, this place is bigger...

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[Groupie is amazed at Pink's room, while Pink watches TV, ignoring her]

Oh my God... what a fabulous room. Are all these your guitars?
[touches guitars]

God, this place is bigger than our whole apartment.

You like the tube, huh? Can I get a drink of water? Can I get YOU a drink of water?
[goes into the bathroom]

Oh, wow! Look at this tub? Wanna take a bath?
[comes back out]

What are you watching? Hello?
["Hello" echoes]

Hey, are you feeling okay?


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:06.564
Ooh ooh ooh
00:00:06.607 --> 00:00:10.909
Ooh ooh babe
00:00:13.691 --> 00:00:17.559
If you should go skating
00:00:17.645 --> 00:00:20.774
On the thin ice of modern life
00:00:23.817 --> 00:00:26.338
Dragging behind you
00:00:26.423 --> 00:00:28.944
The silent reproach
00:00:29.001 --> 00:00:33.421
Of a million tear stained eyes

Clip duration: 34 seconds
Views: 304
Timestamp in movie: 00h 11m 45s
Uploaded: 05 April, 2022
Genres: music, drama
Summary: A troubled rock star descends into madness in the midst of his physical and social isolation from everyone.


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