39 and a wake up

I'm too short for this shit, man. 39 and a wake-up, a pause for the cause and I'm a gone...

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[while cleaning the latrines]
I'm too short for this shit, man. 39 and a wake-up, a pause for the cause and I'm a gone motherfucker. Back to the world!
Hey, I broke a hundred the other day, 92 left to go. April 17th, home to California, checkin' out the babes on the beach... the surfin's gonna be good.
March, man, in Tennessee... sniff the pines... sniff that cross-mounted pussy down by the river, hot damn! Hey Taylor, how many days you got left? Three hundred and what?
Chris Taylor:
Thirty two. 332 days.
Shit, I can't even remember when I was 332, man. You gotta like, count backwards or something, you know like you got 40 days in? Think positive, dude.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:05.071
Thirty nine and a wake up a pause for the cause and I'm a gone motherfucker
00:00:06.589 --> 00:00:08.956
Back to the world I hear you man
00:00:08.966 --> 00:00:11.001
Broke 100 the other day No shit
00:00:11.093 --> 00:00:12.709
Ninety two left to go
00:00:12.072 --> 00:00:17.339
April 17 heroes man Home to California
00:00:17.035 --> 00:00:21.184
I'll be sitting outside checking out the babes on the beach
00:00:21.437 --> 00:00:23.428
The surfing's gonna be good
00:00:23.439 --> 00:00:25.055
00:00:25.999 --> 00:00:29.023
March man in Tennessee Sniff the pines
00:00:29.236 --> 00:00:31.944
Sniff that cross mounted pussy down by the river
00:00:31.947 --> 00:00:33.187
WHOOPS Hot damn
00:00:34.367 --> 00:00:37.109
Hey Taylor how long you got left
00:00:37.578 --> 00:00:39.091
Three hundred and what Thirty two
00:00:42.249 --> 00:00:44.365
Three hundred and thirty two days
00:00:44.377 --> 00:00:46.664
KING Xin loi my boy
00:00:46.671 --> 00:00:50.001
I can't even remember when I was 332 man
00:00:50.341 --> 00:00:52.548
You gotta like count backwards or something
00:00:52.551 --> 00:00:54.258
You know like you got 40 days in
00:00:54.261 --> 00:00:57.999
I mean think positive dude

Clip duration: 68 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 00h 28m 00s
Uploaded: 19 November, 2022
Genres: drama, war
Summary: Chris Taylor, a neophyte recruit in Vietnam, finds himself caught in a battle of wills between two sergeants, one good and the other evil. A shrewd examination of the brutality of war and the duality of man in conflict.


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