The Angry Nun
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"Bitch! Whore of Jesus! Dressed in black, you do not bleed, like a woman should bleed...

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Neil Bookman:
"The Angry Nun" by Neil Bookman: "Bitch! Whore of Jesus! Dressed in black, you do not bleed, like a woman should bleed between the legs! But with your ruler, your crucifix of hatred, you strike my tender flesh! I bleed for you! Oh, mother." And then I-I ran out of ink.
Deirdre Burroughs:
Good anger! It ended exactly at the right moment.


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The Angry Nun
00:00:03.753 --> 00:00:05.017
By Neil Bookman
00:00:08.174 --> 00:00:09.216
00:00:09.003 --> 00:00:10.717
Whore of Jesus
00:00:10.802 --> 00:00:15.055
Dressed in black you do not bleed like a woman should bleed between the legs
00:00:15.348 --> 00:00:20.936
But with your ruler your crucifix of hatred you strike my tender flesh
00:00:21.002 --> 00:00:23.272
I bleed for you
00:00:25.525 --> 00:00:27.999
Oh Mother
00:00:30.738 --> 00:00:32.823
And then I ran out of ink
00:00:34.492 --> 00:00:38.001
Good anger Lt ended exactly at the right moment

Clip duration: 39 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 01h 22m 58s
Uploaded: 19 November, 2022
Genres: comedy, drama
Summary: Young Augusten Burroughs absorbs experiences that could make for a shocking memoir: the son of an alcoholic father and an unstable mother, he's handed off to his mother's therapist, Dr. Finch, and spends his adolescent years as a mem


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Neil Bookman - Joseph Fiennes
Deirdre Burroughs - Annette Bening