You know you really are my best friend Cindy
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You know, you really are my best friend, Cindy. Thanks, Brenda. Hey are you guys okay?...

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Cindy Campbell:
You know, you really are my best friend, Cindy.
Cindy Campbell:
Thanks, Brenda.
Hey are you guys okay?
Brenda Meeks:
Hell, yeah. It's gonna take more than a bag of bones to scare me.
Hell House Ghost:
Cindy Campbell:
Oh my God! Brenda, do something!
Brenda Meeks:
Hell House Ghost:
[Brenda runs away]

Cindy Campbell:
I thought I was your best friend?
Brenda Meeks:
Was. I'ma miss you, girl!


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.627
You know you really are my best friend Cindy
00:00:03.668 --> 00:00:04.628
You guys OK
00:00:04.669 --> 00:00:06.996
Yeah Please
00:00:06.046 --> 00:00:09.174
It takes more than a little bag of bones to scare me
00:00:09.216 --> 00:00:10.384
00:00:10.421 --> 00:00:11.516
Ha ha ha
00:00:11.553 --> 00:00:12.886
The ghost has Buddy
00:00:12.922 --> 00:00:14.264
Ah My ass
00:00:14.304 --> 00:00:15.973
Brenda do something
00:00:16.001 --> 00:00:17.934
00:00:17.976 --> 00:00:19.477
00:00:19.519 --> 00:00:21.313
I thought I was your best friend
00:00:21.355 --> 00:00:22.481
00:00:22.523 --> 00:00:24.482
I'm gonna miss you girl

Clip duration: 25 seconds
Views: 30
Timestamp in movie: 00:54:01
Uploaded: 01 April, 2022
Genres: comedy
Summary: Four teens are tricked by Professor Oldman (Tim Curry) into visiting a haunted house for a school project.


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Hell House Ghost - Richard Moll
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