Isn't there anything I can say that'll change things
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Isn't there anything I can say that'll change things? Can't you see, honey, maybe this is...

Shane 1953
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Marian Starrett:
Isn't there anything I can say that'll change things?
Joe Starrett:
Can't you see, honey, maybe this is the chance. Morgan and them boys went home
Marian Starrett:
You don't really believe that. That's not the reason.
Joe Starrett:
It's just too much for me to give up, this place and the valley. All the things that will be.
[Marian makes Joey leave]

Marian Starrett:
It's just pride, that's all, a silly kind of pride! Don't I mean anything to you, Joe? Doesn't Joey?
Joe Starrett:
Marion... Honey, it's because you mean so much to me that I've GOT to go. Do you think I could go on living with you and you thinking that I showed yella. Then, what about Joey? How do you think I'd ever explain that to him?
Marian Starrett:
Oh Joe, Joe...
Joe Starrett:
I've been thinkin' a lot and I know I'm kinda slow sometimes, Marion, but I see things. And I know that if... if anything happened to me that you'd be took care of, took care of better than I could do it myself. I never thought I'd live to hear myself say that, but I guess now's a pretty good time to lay things bare.
Marian Starrett:
It's as though I'd be glad for you to go.
Joe Starrett:
Honey, you're the most honest and the finest girl that ever lived and I couldn't do what I gotta do if I hadn't always knowed that I could trust ya.
[puts on his gun holster]

Joe Starrett:
Now don't you go countin' me out. I wouldn't have lived as long as I have already if I wasn't pretty tough.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.418
Get in the wagon son
00:00:14.096 --> 00:00:18.683
One thing a married man has to get used to is waiting for women
00:00:18.893 --> 00:00:22.979
Hurry up Ma Here she comes
00:00:23.147 --> 00:00:24.773
Good afternoon Hello
00:00:24.941 --> 00:00:28.693
Sometimes the waiting is worth it
00:00:28.903 --> 00:00:31.905
Take care and get a woman worth waiting for
00:00:32.073 --> 00:00:33.824
Water's good

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Uploaded: 09 November, 2022
Genres: drama, western
Summary: A weary gunfighter in 1880s Wyoming begins to envision a quieter life after befriending a homestead family with a young son who idolizes him, but a smoldering range war forces him to act.


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Marian Starrett - Jean Arthur
Joe Starrett - Van Heflin