It was an assassination
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What's the story with the Simonson homicide? It was carefully set up to make it look like...

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What's the story with the Simonson homicide?
Det. Thorn:
It was carefully set up to make it look like he was killed after he caught some punk burglarizing his apartment.
What do you think it was?
Det. Thorn:
It was an assassination. A well-planned assassination.
You know this for a fact?
Det. Thorn:
Four reasons. One: the alarm system in the building was out of order for the first time in two years. Two: the bodyguard who was supposed to be protecting him was conveniently out shopping. Three: the punk that broke into the apartment didn't take anything. And four: the punk who killed Simonson was no punk because he used a meat hook instead of a gun to make it look like a punk.
Well, if the punk didn't take anything from the apartment, what did you take?
Det. Thorn:
Everything I could lay my hands on.


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Oh let's see The Matthewson murder
00:00:03.336 --> 00:00:05.754
He's in Philadelphia out of our jurisdiction
00:00:05.922 --> 00:00:07.422
His wife's been lying
00:00:07.059 --> 00:00:11.343
We'll pick her up if we can find her Here Sign
00:00:11.552 --> 00:00:13.303
00:00:13.093 --> 00:00:15.305
I'm working on it
00:00:16.001 --> 00:00:19.226
Which means you still haven't got a damn thing
00:00:22.438 --> 00:00:24.094
How old is Sol Roth now
00:00:27.061 --> 00:00:29.361
He's doing all right
00:00:29.529 --> 00:00:30.862
He's had it
00:00:31.697 --> 00:00:33.907
It's time for you to get another book
00:00:34.003 --> 00:00:36.535
I'll make arrangements No
00:00:37.001 --> 00:00:39.579
Sooner or later Not now
00:00:39.747 --> 00:00:41.832
Well it's your job
00:00:46.921 --> 00:00:47.963
00:00:48.131 --> 00:00:50.215
Supposed to look like he was killed
00:00:50.383 --> 00:00:53.301
when he caught some punk burglarizing his apartment
00:00:53.469 --> 00:00:57.305
Well what do you say It was an assassination
00:00:57.473 --> 00:00:58.723
Just like that
00:00:58.891 --> 00:01:02.644
One The alarm system was out of order for the first time in two years
00:01:02.854 --> 00:01:05.438
Two The bodyguard was conveniently out shopping
00:01:05.999 --> 00:01:09.151
Three The punk didn't take anything And four The punk was no punk

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Uploaded: 29 November, 2022
Genres: science fiction, thriller
Summary: This is the year 2022. Overcrowding, pollution, and resource depletion have reduced society’s leaders to finding food for the teeming masses. The answer is Soylent Green.


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