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That's fine

Mary Jane:
[mistaking Peter for a waiter]
Peter B. Parker:
Oh, wow.
Mary Jane:
Um, I just wondered if we could have some more bread at table twelve.
Peter B. Parker:
Yeah! I'm just, I'm really sorry...
Mary Jane:
Oh, don't be sorry. It's just bread.
Peter B. Parker:
No, I wasn't there for you when you needed me.
Mary Jane:
Peter B. Parker:
And I didn't even try.
Mary Jane:
That's fine. I should really get going...
Peter B. Parker:
I know I could do better if I just had another chance to give you... the bread that you deserve.
Mary Jane:
Are you okay?
Gwen Stacy:
Ma'am, we'll take care of that bread right now.
Mary Jane:
It's been nice, uh, talking to you.
Peter B. Parker:
For you they should fill this place up with fresh bread.
Gwen Stacy:
[to Peter]
You all right, man?
Peter B. Parker:
Yeah, totally.
Gwen Stacy:
Okay, good, 'cause we are not getting any bread.

So, what am I doing?
STEP SEVEN: You stay here.
You're lookout. Very important.
Look, man. You gotta teach me
how to do Spider-Man stuff
or I won't be able
to help.
Watch and learn, kid!
I'll quiz ya later!
Why did I get stuck with
the janky, old, broke
hobo Spider-Man?!
That's new.
What am I doing?
What am I doing?
What am I doing?
What am I doing?
What are you doing here?
Kingpin's here.
Just move over.
You're steppin' on my foot.
Go back outside.
No! I can't sit there
and let Spider-Man die
without doing anything
about it.
I'm not doing that again.
Most people I meet
in the workplace try to kill me,
so you're
a nice change of pace.
Mr. Fisk!
Look at this data.
I know you can't
really understand it,
but these are
really good numbers.
And I got the password.
Mr. Fisk.
If we fire again this week
there could be a black hole
under Brooklyn.
You see this? And this?
This is multiple dimensions
beginning to crash
into each other.
This is pretty standard
Spider-Man stakes.
You get used to it.
Watch this.
He's gonna say,
"You've got 24 hours."

Clip duration: 106 seconds
Views: 63
Movie: Spider Man: Into the Spider Verse
Year: 2018
Genres: animation, action, adventure, family, sci-fi
Summary: Teen Miles Morales becomes Spider-Man of his reality, crossing his path with five counterparts from other dimensions to stop a threat for all realities.

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Mary Jane - Zoë Kravitz
Peter B. Parker - Jake Johnson
Gwen Stacy - Hailee Steinfeld