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Some kids

Some kids... some little kids, they wanna grow up to be president. Some kids wanna grow up...

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Some kids... some little kids, they wanna grow up to be president. Some kids wanna grow up and be doctor, y'know? I just wanted to be bad. They kicked me outta school. I thought that was great! Sheeit, I don't have to go to yo school, that was the best thing in the world! Some people? They wanna do the right thing? I like doing the wrong thing! Everyone's always tellin' me, "yo, you gotta change..." I'm about stacking change ya'll! Stacking change! That's it. Money! I'm about making money. This a dream ya'll. This the American dream... that's it, I did it. Most my brothers and sisters... they dead. It was all bad. They got murdered. I'm the last one standing. I'm as bad as they is. Just in our blood ya'll and I love it. This is my dream. I made it come true. This is the fuckin' American dream.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.418
Some kids
00:00:02.501 --> 00:00:04.962
Some little kids they want to grow up to be president
00:00:05.046 --> 00:00:07.423
Some kids want to be a doctor
00:00:07.506 --> 00:00:09.759
You know I just wanted to be bad
00:00:09.842 --> 00:00:12.999
They kicked me out of school I thought that was great
00:00:12.178 --> 00:00:15.181
Shit I don't have to go to your school That was the best thing in the world
00:00:18.999 --> 00:00:20.436
Some people they want to do the right thing
00:00:20.519 --> 00:00:22.647
I like doing the wrong thing
00:00:22.073 --> 00:00:25.566
Everyone's always telling me Yo you gotta change
00:00:26.015 --> 00:00:28.444
I'm about stacking change y'all
00:00:28.527 --> 00:00:30.279
Stacking change
00:00:30.363 --> 00:00:31.781
That's it money
00:00:31.864 --> 00:00:35.159
I'm about making money That's the dream y'all
00:00:35.242 --> 00:00:37.203
That's the American dream
00:00:38.371 --> 00:00:41.499
That's it I did it
00:00:41.582 --> 00:00:43.876
Most of my brothers and sisters they dead
00:00:43.959 --> 00:00:46.545
It was all bad They got murdered
00:00:47.999 --> 00:00:51.342
I'm the last one standing and I'm as bad as they is
00:00:51.425 --> 00:00:55.471
It's just in our blood y'all and I love it
00:00:55.554 --> 00:00:57.223
This was my dream
00:00:57.306 --> 00:00:59.517
I made it come true
00:01:00.559 --> 00:01:03.479
This is the fucking American dream y'all

Clip duration: 71 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 00h 52m 49s
Uploaded: 25 November, 2022
Genres: crime, drama, thriller
Summary: Four college girls hold up a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation. While partying, drinking, and taking drugs, they are arrested, only to be bailed out by a drug and arms dealer.


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