Don't drop dead on me
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Mr Snizer? Mr Snizer? Hey. Hey! Hey, don't drop dead on me, they'll never find me! Oh God,...

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[her boss collapsed on her, pinning her in a chair]
Mr Snizer? Mr Snizer? Hey. Hey! Hey, don't drop dead on me, they'll never find me!
[phone begins to ring, but stops as she reaches for it]

Oh God, please don't stop.
Frank Schnizer:
If you don't want me to stop, I won't stop.
Oh you fuck! You miserable lousy fuck!
Frank Schnizer:
How do you know, we ain't even done it yet!


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.752
Mr Schnizer
00:00:03.092 --> 00:00:05.063
Mr Schnizer
00:00:06.964 --> 00:00:08.591
00:00:08.716 --> 00:00:10.176
00:00:10.301 --> 00:00:12.512
Hey don't drop dead on me
00:00:12.637 --> 00:00:13.637
00:00:13.679 --> 00:00:15.036
They'll never find me
00:00:19.056 --> 00:00:21.395
Oh Oh
00:00:23.397 --> 00:00:27.109
Oh God please don't stop
00:00:27.235 --> 00:00:29.032
Well if you don't want me to stop I won't stop
00:00:30.279 --> 00:00:33.533
Oh you fuck You miserable lousy fuck
00:00:33.658 --> 00:00:35.576
How do you know We ain't even done it yet

Clip duration: 37 seconds
Views: 87
Timestamp in movie: 00h 55m 23s
Uploaded: 26 November, 2022
Genres: comedy, horror
Summary: A liquor store owner sells alcoholic beverages to homeless people, unaware of what the bottles actually contain: toxic brew.


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Wendy - Jane Arakawa
Frank Schnizer - Pat Ryan