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Well a girl's got to have her fun

I am a FBI agent controlling this investigation from within in order to ensure that you gentlemen never see the inside of a prison cell. Now I am conspiring with 3 like minded individuals who have aided you in the past though I have yet to inform them of my agenda because, well a girl's got to have her fun.

Now, I am conspiring to do this with three like-minded individuals
who have aided you
in the past.
Though I have yet to inform them of my agenda because,
well, a girl's
gotta have her fun.
Dolly, Duffy and Greenly?
Hmm. The very same.
How are the lads doing?
Two of them are scared.
One's just horny.
Bet you I can
tell you which one.
Bet you can't.
Let's save it for group.
Right now we've
got a big problem.
What's that, then?
This simply won't do.
We made a deal.
The big fish step in if your body count gets too high.
And you have been
very naughty boys.
♪ Well, Uncle Sam he said to me "You'll die alone,
you drunk
♪ "You'll never make it in this world you lousy washed-up bum" ♪
Here's how
it all went down.

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Movie: The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
Year: 2009
Genres: action, crime, thriller
Summary: The MacManus brothers are living a quiet life in Ireland with their father, but when they learn that their beloved priest has been killed by mob forces, they go back to Boston to bring justice to those responsible and avenge the priest.

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