This is Fu Manchu

This is Fu Manchu. Once again the world is at my mercy. I have conquered not only the...

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Fu Manchu:
[opening line]
This is Fu Manchu. Once again the world is at my mercy. I have conquered not only the mysteries of the continent but now of the oceans too. In the tropical waters of the south Atlantic my hand stretches out to turn water into ice - and to transform safety into the deadliest peril. In a few moments the proof of my mastery will be complete.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.116
This is Asia
00:00:03.021 --> 00:00:04.791
00:00:05.588 --> 00:00:07.502
I must leave you gentlemen
00:00:07.548 --> 00:00:10.999
Thank you inspector for all your help
00:00:10.051 --> 00:00:12.237
I'm sorry petrie but this is where we part
00:00:12.261 --> 00:00:14.823
But I can't let you go alone It's better that way
00:00:14.847 --> 00:00:17.492
You can be of more use to me in Istanbul
00:00:17.516 --> 00:00:19.219
00:00:19.031 --> 00:00:22.873
I want you to telegraph the home secretary's office in London
00:00:22.897 --> 00:00:24.499
Use the standard code Alright
00:00:24.523 --> 00:00:27.627
Tell him that I intend to try to get into fu manchu's castle
00:00:27.651 --> 00:00:30.589
But how do you know that fu manchu captured the castle
00:00:30.613 --> 00:00:33.027
Besides we have nothing but guesswork to go on

Clip duration: 34 seconds
Views: 121
Timestamp in movie: 00h 57m 15s
Uploaded: 31 October, 2022
Genres: adventure, crime, horror
Summary: An evil Chinese mastermind plots to freeze the Earth's oceans.


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Fu Manchu - Christopher Lee