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He's trying to start a con vuh sation

You have a great set of... dishes.
Anne Napolitano:
Jack, he's trying to start a con-vuh-sation...
Jack Lucas:
Then talk to him, he won't bite you.

You're a wonderful cook,
and you have a great set of dishes.
Jack, he's trying to
start a conversation.
Well, talk, then.
He's not gonna bite you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You know,
you are a beautiful woman.
You got your own business.
I am surprised some guy doesn't
just snatch you up all for his own.
Oh, you're surprised?

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Movie: The Fisher King
Year: 1991
Genres: comedy, drama, fantasy
Summary: A former radio DJ, suicidally despondent because of a terrible mistake he made, finds redemption in helping a deranged homeless man who was an unwitting victim of that mistake.

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