Because I don't want you to

What kind of car was it? What? Do you remember the make of the car? Oh, my God. Really, I...

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What kind of car was it?
Mrs. Robinson:
Do you remember the make of the car?
Mrs. Robinson:
Oh, my God.
Really, I want to know.
Mrs. Robinson:
It was a Ford, Benjamin.
A Ford, a Ford! Goddam it, that's great. A Ford!
Mrs. Robinson:
That's enough.
[Mrs. Robinson turns off the lights]
So old Elaine Robinson got started in a Ford.
Mrs. Robinson:
Don't talk about Elaine.
Don't talk about Elaine?
Mrs. Robinson:
Well, why not?
Mrs. Robinson:
Because I don't want you to.
Well, why don't you? I wish you'd tell me.
Mrs. Robinson:
There's nothing to tell.
Well, why is she a big taboo subject all of a sudden? Well, I guess I'll have to ask her out on a date and find out what the big deal is.
Mrs. Robinson:
[Mrs. Robinson turns on the lights,sternly warning Benjamin]
Mrs. Robinson:
Don't you ever take that girl out! Do you understand that?
Look, I have no intention of taking her out!
Mrs. Robinson:


00:00:03.028 --> 00:00:05.002
You don't have to say that.
00:00:05.032 --> 00:00:09.016
Well I wouldn't. I would never say it if it wasn't true.
00:00:09.076 --> 00:00:11.006
May I stay then?
00:00:14.028 --> 00:00:16.002
Yes. Please. I want you to.
00:00:17.012 --> 00:00:18.036
Thank you.
00:00:18.000 --> 00:00:21.064
Well don't thank me, because I want you to.
00:00:23.024 --> 00:00:27.998
But you won't ever take out Elaine, will you? I want you to promise me with that.
00:00:27.076 --> 00:00:31.006
Look. Why the hell did you bring this up. It never occured to me to take her out.
00:00:31.006 --> 00:00:33.998
Then give me your word you won't.
00:00:34.028 --> 00:00:37.068
This is absurd. Promise me, Benjamin.
00:00:38.006 --> 00:00:41.000
All right, I promise, for christ's sake.
00:00:41.000 --> 00:00:43.002
I promise I will never take out Elaine Robinson.
00:00:45.008 --> 00:00:46.076
Thank you.
00:00:52.004 --> 00:00:54.000
Benjanmin. Let's not talk about it.
00:00:55.048 --> 00:00:57.032
Let's not talk at all.
00:01:32.028 --> 00:01:33.052
Elaine's back from school.
00:01:33.052 --> 00:01:37.999
I think it might be a nice gesture if you asked her out.

Clip duration: 99 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 00h 51m 31s
Uploaded: 20 October, 2021
Genres: comedy, drama, romance
Summary: A disillusioned college graduate finds himself torn between his older lover and her daughter.


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Mrs. Robinson - Anne Bancroft