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Ipkiss? Stanley Ipkiss? Yes? Lt. Kellaway, city precinct. You know anything about the...

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Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: Ipkiss? Stanley Ipkiss? Stanley Ipkiss: Yes? Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: Lt. Kellaway, city precinct. You know anything about the disturbance last night? Stanley Ipkiss: Dis... turbance? Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: Yeah, some kind of prowler broke in and attacked Mrs. Peenman. Stanley Ipkiss: Attacked? Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: You didn't hear anything? She unloaded a couple of rounds of buckshot 5 feet from your door. [Stanley sees Mrs. Peenman complaining about big hole in floor] Stanley Ipkiss: This is... impossible. Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: Those pajamas are impossible. This actually happened. Stanley Ipkiss: See, I have an inner ear problem. Sometimes I can't hear anything. Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: Is that a fact? Stanley Ipkiss: Eh? [laughs] Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: Here's my card. If you remember anything unusual about last night, anything at all, call me. Stanley Ipkiss: You betcha. Thank you. And good luck... cracking the case.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.168
00:00:02.209 --> 00:00:05.087
Those pyjamas are impossible This happened
00:00:06.422 --> 00:00:08.841
See I have
00:00:08.883 --> 00:00:11.051
an inner ear problem
00:00:12.636 --> 00:00:15.348
Sometimes I can't hear anything Is that so
00:00:18.601 --> 00:00:23.998
Here's my card If you recall anything unusual about last night
00:00:23.064 --> 00:00:25.649
anything at all call me
00:00:25.732 --> 00:00:27.359
You bet Thank you
00:00:27.004 --> 00:00:29.527
And good luck
00:00:30.279 --> 00:00:31.864
cracking the case

Clip duration: 33 seconds
Views: 315
Timestamp in movie: 00h 24m 18s
Uploaded: 03 April, 2022
Genres: romance, comedy, crime, fantasy
Summary: When timid bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss discovers a magical mask containing the spirit of the Norse god Loki, his entire life changes. While wearing the mask, Ipkiss becomes a supernatural playboy exuding charm and confidence which allows him to catch the eye of local nightclub singer Tina Carlyle. Unfortunately, under the mask's influence, Ipkiss also robs a bank, which angers junior crime lord Dorian Tyrell, whose goons get blamed for the heist.


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