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Why are you so preoccupied with sex
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Why are you so preoccupied with sex? Who, me? Yes, you. You really think I am? Well, you...

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Donald Gresham: Why are you so preoccupied with sex? Patty O'Neill: Who, me? Donald Gresham: Yes, you. Patty O'Neill: You really think I am? Donald Gresham: Well, you are always asking if people plan seduction or they're bored with virgins or they have a mistress... Now, if that isn't being preoccupied with sex, I'd like to know what is. Patty O'Neill: You may be right. [pauses momentarily] Patty O'Neill: But don't you think it's better for a girl to be preoccupied with sex than occupied?


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.058
Me Yes you
00:00:04.588 --> 00:00:06.218
You really believe that
00:00:06.507 --> 00:00:09.267
You ask if you want to seduce you
00:00:09.051 --> 00:00:12.034
if you like virgins if you have a mistress
00:00:12.596 --> 00:00:16.227
If sex does not concern you
00:00:16.726 --> 00:00:18.476
That may be true
00:00:18.854 --> 00:00:23.525
But it is better than I am qu'occup e concerned with sex

Clip duration: 25 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 00h 23m 34s
Uploaded: 09 November, 2022
Genres: comedy, romance
Summary: Two aging playboys are both after the same attractive young woman, but she fends them off by claiming that she plans to remain a virgin until her wedding night. Both men determine to find a way around her objections.


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