What the hell art thou playin' at
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What the hell thee art playin' at? Art thou stark bloody mad, or what? We just need a...

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[Rowf and Snitter chase some sheep, hoping the shepherd will adopt them. The sheepdogs confront them]
What the hell thee art playin' at? Art thou stark bloody mad, or what?
We just need a master!
Just need a master? Of all the... Art thou out of thy minds? chasing yows up and down fell, snapping and biting? Where's thy farm at? Where's thy master? Thou's bit yon yow, too, thou bastard! It's bleeding!
Lay off! You don't own this place!
Don't own it? Then I'd like to know who bloody does! Hey, Wag! It says we don't own this here fell!
Bloody cheek! What do you reckon they're up to then?
What are *you* up to, then?
Gatherin', you daft sod! Seeking wooled sheep, of course! And then thee comes down like bloody bulls and spoil half an hour's good work!
Ah, they be tourists! Thee, with yon patch on the head. Where's thy master at?
[Snitter doesn't answer him]

Has he been hurt, and thee run away?
We haven't a master. We thought... maybe your master...
He'll fill thee with leads he will. Worrying sheep!
We were only doing the same as you!
[Don and Wag's master appears]
Don! Come-by here! Yer Wag! Come-by here!
We'd better get out of here.
They belonged where they were. You could smell it. No Whitecoat does anything to them. But what are *we* going to do, Rowf?


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.004
What the hell art thou playin' at
00:00:03.004 --> 00:00:05.072
Art thou stark bloody mad or what
00:00:05.072 --> 00:00:07.032
We just need a master
00:00:07.032 --> 00:00:09.096
Just need a master Of all the
00:00:09.096 --> 00:00:14.056
Art thou out of thou minds chasing yows up an' down fell
00:00:14.056 --> 00:00:16.052
Snappin' an' bitin'
00:00:16.076 --> 00:00:19.072
Where's thy farm at Where's thy master
00:00:19.072 --> 00:00:23.076
Tha's nipped yon yow too tha bastard It's bleedin'
00:00:24.998 --> 00:00:26.002
Lay off You don't own this place
00:00:26.048 --> 00:00:27.068
Don't own it
00:00:27.068 --> 00:00:30.016
Then I'd like to know who bloody does
00:00:30.016 --> 00:00:32.056
Ey Wag it says we don't own fell 'ere
00:00:32.076 --> 00:00:34.024
Bloody cheek

Clip duration: 35 seconds
Views: 20
Timestamp in movie: 00:24:06
Uploaded: 05 April, 2022
Genres: animation, adventure, drama
Summary: Two dogs escape from a laboratory and are hunted as possible carriers of the bubonic plague.


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