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Bo Peep: So, you're... uh... with a kid? It's not Andy, is it? Woody: No, No, No He Went Off To College, But He Gave Us To Bonnie, Oh She's... Bo Peep: You Have A Little Girl? Giggle McDimples: No
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So, you're... uh... with a kid? It's not Andy, is it? No,...

Toy Story 4 2019
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Bo Peep:
So, you're... uh... with a kid? It's not Andy, is it?
No, No, No He Went Off To College, But He Gave Us To Bonnie, Oh She's...
Bo Peep:
You Have A Little Girl?
Giggle McDimples:
No Way!
Yeah, Yeah, It's Why I'm Out Here. Her Other Toy Is Trapped In This Antique Store, And...
Bo Peep:
'Second Chance Antiques'? We know that store.
That's Great! That Is Great! If You Know The Store, You Can Help Me Find Him!
Bo Peep:
No way, we waited years in that store collecting dust!
Oh, Bo That's Awful, But I Don't Have A Choice. I Have To Get That Toy From Gabby.
Giggle McDimples:
Whoa, stay away from that weirdo!
Bo Peep:
If I were you, I'd cut my loses and go home.
But, Bonnie needs him to get through Kindergarten.
Bo Peep:
Oh, kids lose toys everyday, Bonnie will get over it.
No, No, No But, But You See... You See Bonnie Needs Him Just Like... Molly Needed You!
[Sheep Go To Woody]

Oh, No Sorry Girls, Molly's Not Here.
Giggle McDimples:
Molly? Wow I Didn't Know You Had A Kid.
Bo Peep:
That was a long time ago.
Oh Bo's Kid Was Something Special. She Was The Cutest Thing, But, So Afraid Of The Dark
Bo Peep:
It was just a phase.
Oh You Weren't There From The Beginning, Hearing Molly Crying Each Night, It Broke Every Toys Heart. But Then, Bo Came Into The Room, Her Lamp, Was The Only Thing That Made Molly Feel Safe, Mum Would Let Her Keep Bo On All Night.
Giggle McDimples:
Whoa, Who Knew You Were Such A Softy!
And Molly Would Fall Asleep With Her Hand Resting On Bo's Feet
Bo Peep:
Okay, Okay, I Get It!
Bo, My Kid Really Needs This Toy, Will You Help Me? For Old-Times Sake?
Bo Peep:
All right, all right.

Let's get you
to that store!
Okay, spill it.
The cowboy, what's the deal?
- There's no deal.
- Uh-huh.
Don't do this to yourself.
Cowboy's got a kid.
- Giggle...
- Trust me. I've been there.
You know about me and He-Man.
I'm not proud.
Shh! Here he comes!
- Oh, man...
- What?
No, not you.
Second Chance Antiques,
straight ahead.
Heavy foot traffic
at the entrance.
Easiest way in is
- the roof.
- The roof!
Let's go antiquing.
Hold on!
How did you end up here?
I thought you were given
to a new family.
Oh, you know
how it goes.
Their little girl grew up
and didn't need me anymore,
Oh, I'm sorry, Bo.
Eh, who needs
a kid's room...
when you can have
all of this?
Whatcha looking at,
What? Oh, uh...
That wasn't...
No, uh, nothing.
I was looking at the store.
Right there.
I was looking
at the antique store.
- Giggle, count us down.
- Five.
- Countdown for what?
- Four.
You want to get to the
store, don't you?
Three. Two. One!
The highway exit
has to be somewhere.
Where is it?
Meteor shower! Look out!
Good work, inner voice.
So, how about you?
How's your new kid?
Oh, she's great.
Jessie is loving it.
Jessie's still with you?
Oh, yeah, the whole gang's
still together.
Well, I mean,
most of us.
What about Rex?
Yeah, yeah, Rex,
Bullseye, Slinky...
- the Potato Heads...
- Buzz?
Yeah, Buzz, too.
I cannot wait to see his face
when he hears that I found...
- Bo Peep?
- Buzz!
- My old moving buddy!
- Buzz?
It's so good to see you!
Woody, it's Bo Peep!
- What are you doing here?
- What are you doing here?
Buzz... Buzz... Buzz...
Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!
- Three years!
- Three years!
hanging up there
waiting for a kid!
Look, I'm sorry
about that.
You ruined our lives.
Shame on you!
Who are these guys?
- Lightyear promised us a kid.
- You did what?
I did not.
- Hey! Wait a minute!
- Eat my plush!
All right now,
come on, stop it!
Cut it out now!
Come on, guys,
break it up.
Guys, I have a kid!
You got a kid?
Like a kid-kid?
Like a human kid,
not a baby goat?
Yeah. Now let go of Buzz
and come with me.
I'll take you to Bonnie.
- We're gettin' a kid?
- Yes!
We're gettin' a kid?
- ♪ We're gonna get a kid
- ♪ Kid
- ♪ We're getting a kid
- All right, let's go.
- ♪ We gonna get something, oh
- ♪ We gonna uh, uh, uh
- Where's Forky?
- Long story.
- ♪ Kid, we get a kid
- ♪ Kid, kid, kid
- ♪ We gonna kid ♪
- ♪ We gonna kid, kid ♪
He's not anywhere.
Forky's gone.
Oh, honey,
I'm sorry.
Okay. Let's look outside
one more time.
But then we have to
keep driving, okay?
They're about to leave!
- Leaving?
- They can't do that!
The panic is attacking me!
- Hey! Watch it, buddy!
- What do we do?
- We have to stop them!
- How?
We could frame Dad for a
crime so he goes to jail.
Or go back in time and warn
Woody about the future.
That's crazy.
Time is a flat circle.
I'm sorry, Bonnie.
We looked everywhere.
But we need
to get going now, okay?
Can we please leave
a note for Forky...
so he knows
where we're going?
He has to go to kindergarten.
Are you kidding me?
I can't...

Clip duration: 226 seconds
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Uploaded: 08 March, 2021
Genres: animation, adventure, comedy, family, fantasy
Summary: When a new toy called "Forky" joins Woody and the gang, a road trip alongside old and new friends reveals how big the world can be for a toy.


Bo Peep - Annie Potts
Woody - Tom Hanks
Giggle McDimples - Ally Maki