Could we have a little chat

I need to have a talk with you; sort of a little father-son chat. Have we ever done this...

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Lawrence Bourne III:
I need to have a talk with you; sort of a little father-son chat.
Lawrence Bourne Jr:
Have we ever done this before?
Lawrence Bourne III:
No, we're breaking new wind. Dad, I need $28,000; it's the matter of a little gambling debt. I can assure you it will never happen again.
Lawrence Bourne Jr:
Well, I must say it doesn't surprise me. You have been a constant disappointment to your mother and me ever since the day we brought you home from the orphanage.
Lawrence Bourne III:
Stop it, Dad. You know I'm not adopted.
Lawrence Bourne Jr:
[Puts his head in his hands]
I know, but please; just allow me this little fantasy.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.023
Could we have a little chat
00:00:03.231 --> 00:00:05.495
I could use some fatherly advice
00:00:06.429 --> 00:00:08.193
From me
00:00:09.658 --> 00:00:12.121
When was the last time we did this sort of thing
00:00:12.122 --> 00:00:14.653
Never we're breaking new wind
00:00:18.317 --> 00:00:20.038
00:00:20.381 --> 00:00:23.311
Lawrence how have things been for the last four years
00:00:23.312 --> 00:00:27.639
Fine I need 28 000 to pay off a gambling debt
00:00:27.064 --> 00:00:29.604
or else I'm a dead man
00:00:29.605 --> 00:00:31.702
Don't worry though it'll never happen again
00:00:31.703 --> 00:00:34.766
28 000
00:00:34.767 --> 00:00:37.196
That doesn't surprise me very much
00:00:37.197 --> 00:00:40.959
You've been a constant source of embarrassment
00:00:40.096 --> 00:00:42.824
irritation ever since your mother and I
00:00:42.825 --> 00:00:44.756
brought you home that day from the orphanage
00:00:44.757 --> 00:00:48.652
Orphanage Father I am not adopted I am your son
00:00:48.653 --> 00:00:52.447
I know I know but please allow me that little fantasy

Clip duration: 53 seconds
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Timestamp in movie: 00h 11m 25s
Uploaded: 23 November, 2022
Genres: adventure, comedy
Summary: 1962, after Yale graduation, womanizing Lawrence flees a gambling debt that his rich dad won't pay. He takes his roomie's place as Peace Corps Volunteer in Thai Golden Triangle with 2 other PCVs. Will he survive 2 years?


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Lawrence Bourne III - Tom Hanks